This week’s political blog rankings

The new BNN “Most Influential Political Blog” rankings are out…and I am very pleased to report that the Orange Juice! is still in the Top 5, at #4.

Red County/OC Blog continues in the top slot, with the California Progress Report coming in on its heels at #2, and the Flash Report is at #3.

The relatively new comes in at #5. And the Liberal OC goes to #9 – which gives O.C. based blogs six of the top 10 slots.

The L.A. blogs continue to move up, primarily due to L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s continued shenanigans. These include Mayor Sam’s Sister City, FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog, Patterico’s Pontifications and L.A. Observed.

I found it interesting that the California Progress Report is near the top of the rankings, while the California Conservative blog is near the bottom of the top 20. That’s California for you!

It is astounding that conservative blogs Red County/OC Blog and the Flash Report continue to stay in the top 5, in what is a blue state. You have to figure that the liberal blogs will eventually take some of their market.

On that note, none of the newer Red County Blogs are showing up in the Top 20 rankings. The Red County San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside blogs appear to be having some trouble matching the success of their progenitor, Red County/OC Blog.

I am still not quite sure how BNN puts together its rankings, but here is some more information about the Orange Juice! readership, from Google Analytics from June 25 – July 14:

  • We have had 8,281 visits and 24,213 page views
  • Our readers generally look at close to 3 pages per visit (2.92)
  • 22% of our visits are “new visits”
  • Our top traffic sources include:
  • Our top five stories at the moment include:
  • This week also saw the debut of the new Irvine Sucks! blog. Let’s see how quickly they move up the rankings!

    Interesting sidebar…the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) is blocking access to the Orange Juice! from their computers. So is the Garden Grove Unified School District. The City of Santa Ana has also gotten into the censorship act, as the public computers at the Santa Ana Library also block access to the Orange Juice! – even though they allow access to Red County/OC Blog. The O.C. blog community needs to stand up against such censorship!

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