SAUSD corruption explodes again!

Uh-oh. Looks like the Santa Ana Unified School District is in trouble again. The Times is reporting that, “Audits of Santa Ana Unified School District’s troubled class-size reduction program have found that problems with overcrowded classes exceeding state caps were not limited to elementary schools but affected ninth-graders as well, independent auditor Christy White said at a school board meeting Tuesday.”

“In district high schools, special education students taught in mainstream classes were not included on class rosters, making it appear that the classes met state size requirements when they were actually too large to be eligible for class-size reduction funding, White said.”

The Times reported that SAUSD could face another half million in losses of state funds, after losing $2 million earlier this year. Call it the “Rob Richardson” effect.

So what is SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo doing about this? “Supt. Jane Russo named Assistant Supt. Helen Stainer to oversee K-3 class-size reduction, and Assistant Supt. Lewis Bratcher to oversee the ninth-grade program. Top administrators and the school board will be apprised monthly of class sizes, she added.”

Isn’t Bratcher the guy who fell asleep at an SAUSD School Board meeting last year? Not good!

Here is my favorite excerpt from the Times article, “Board member Audrey Yamagata-Noji questioned whether something in the district’s culture allowed the problems to go unrecognized for months until teachers spoke out publicly in March. “Along the way, there were too many individuals who knew,” she said.”

You think!?! Give me a break! Noji has contributed to this mess by keeping the Mijares corruption intact after hiring his lieutenant Russo to replace him. After former Superintendent Al Mijares quit, we should have cleaned house!

SAUSD Trustee John Palacio nailed it, as usual, “Board member John Palacio urged the board to order audits of the prior school year, saying that teachers have told him the irregularities were not limited to the 2006-07 school year. “We’ve been doing class-size reduction for a decade

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