Santa Ana city managers party on our dime

Thomas Gordon sent me this post after attending last night’s Santa Ana City Council meeting:

The Santa Ana City Council approved the Quarterly report of all April to July contracts worth $25,000 or less at Monday night’s meeting.

As I browsed the 9 pages of expenditures I noticed many that were non essential to city business such as $3,400 to The Turnip Rose for an employee recognition meeting or $1,400 for a City Manager pancake breakfast (???) or $8,784 to La Casa Garcia for catering the Mother’s Day event at Eddie West Stadium or the $10,000 to All American Balloon for balloons and helium.

But the expense that really caught my eye was the $895 made out to The Gallery Collection for birthday cards.

That’s right…birthday cards!

It’s bad enough that we the taxpayer are footing a $3,400 bill for a public employee’s luncheon, but the $895 for birthday cards is non only a waste of taxpayer resources, but also a slap in the face to us all.

We all hear the excuses that are made as to why there are no recourses available for road repair or new police officers. But they always seem to find money for things like the large raises for the City Manager and his department heads or catered dinners or birthday cards.

If Santa Ana city staff spent more time working and less time taking tax payer paid balloons and birthday cards to the Turnip Rose, this might just become a safer, more solvent city.

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