New Orange Juice! coming soon!

The Orange Juice! will soon be moving to a new web server with a URL that will be easy to remember, This new site will allow us to add more features to our site. We also plan to start selling advertising.

Our webmaster, Terry Crowley of TNT Web Management, used to be the webmaster for the Mighty Ducks. He also was the webmaster for the Pat Buchanan presidential campaign. Crowley now works on a freelance basis for clients that include ChevronTexaco. Crowley will be handling our redesign and he will be selling and designing our advertisements.

You can use our new link now. Until we get the new site up, the new link will refer you to our current blog site. In a few weeks you will be able to access the new site.

As always, we are grateful to our readers and blog team for all the support!

About Admin

"Admin" is just editors Vern Nelson, Greg Diamond, or Ryan Cantor sharing something that they mostly didn't write themselves, but think you should see. Before December 2010, "Admin" may have been former blog owner Art Pedroza.