Moreno still deserves to be tossed off the Library Board!

I have been asked by a few of our readers to retract my post regarding Minuteman Lupe Moreno’s alleged comments about Latino immigrants being “sub-human pod-people,” in the wake of the revelation by the writer of the O.C. Weekly article that the comments were not hers.

Here is what the writer, Derek Olson, posted here on this blog in response to my query to him about the comments:

This is Derek Olson, the writer of the article. The excerpt that has caused the confusion was just wordplay based on her referring to “Aliens” who “want to replace Americans.” The “sub-human, pod people” was in the spirit of satire. Here’s a Wikipedia excerpt describing the book and movie this was meant to reference.

“The Body Snatchers is a 1955 science fiction novel, which describes Earth being invaded by seeds which have drifted to Earth from space. The seeds take over human bodies and replace them with simulations grown from plantlike pods, perfect physical duplicates who kill and dispose of their human victims.”

I do think he could have been more clear in the article, but I don’t think his intent was malicious.

Now that we have set that record straight, please know that I STILL think that Moreno ought to be removed from the Santa Ana Library Board. Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has appointed her to that City Commission not once but twice.

She ought to be removed because she essentially hates thousands of people in our city – many of whom are paying local taxes and utilities. She has called for the mass deportation of these people – even though many of them have American children. Even though many of them have American siblings. Even though deporting them would destroy thousands of families.

Moreno’s continued presence on the Santa Ana Library Board is an absolute insult to Latinos in this City – that she was appointed by a Latino immigrant, Pulido, just makes this scenario even more disgusting.

Moreno also wears her religion on her sleeve. She signs off her racist missives with “God Bless America.” Let’s consider that hypocritical stance for a moment. What would Jesus Christ have had to say about Moreno’s obvious hatred for poor immigrants?

Here are a few quotes from Jesus Christ that I think can be applied to this scenario (my own comments appear after the respective quotation marks):

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