Lupe Moreno…in her own words

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not Lupe Moreno, who was appointed to the Library Board not once but twice by Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, deserves to be tossed for calling Latino immigrants “sub-human pod-people,” as was reported by the O.C. Weekly.

Here then is a speech she blast-emailed to her email list. You can actually see a video of this speech at this link. In fact many of the pictures used in this post are linked to infamous Moreno speeches.

Here then are Lupe’s own words:

June 16, 2007

The men that founded this nation knew that the only way this nation would continue to exist was with a moral and virtuous people.

By the grace and blessings of our Lord God, Americans have done a great job of fighting and standing for this Great Nation. And even with the storms of life that have come over the last 200 years we continued to be a great people and a great nation.

But this country was knocked off its course in 1965 by the change in our immigration laws and then again with the Amnesty in 1986. Senator Ted Kennedy,

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