Is Alaska Senator (R) Ted Stevens involved in public corruption probe by FBI/IRS?

A new storm cloud for Republicans appears to be forming over the state of Alaska. Having served nearly 40 years in Congress Alaska Senator Ted Stevens home near Anchorage is being closely scrutinized for evidence of possible payoffs from oil field service contractor Bill Allen. As co-chair of the Defense Appropriations Committee, and longest serving Republican in Congress, Senator Stevens is a powerful member of the U.S. Senate.

Having just started a series entitled “outrage of the week” this investigation, if the FBI/IRS can prove any illegal transactions between the senator to any contractor, surely deserves to be included. We read about “earmarks” and “pork” in every federal budget such as “the $200 million dollar bridge to no-where” in Ketchikan, Alaska as waste of taxpayer funds.

What message are both parties sending to our children and the rest of the world? Where’s today’s roll models? Even in the world of sports we await the outcome of the investigation of Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick.

It’s not just former Congressman “Duke” Cunningham nor LA Congressman William Jefferson. Those are the ones we know about. How many other elected officials are yet to be caught? It’s sad for all the honest representatives that serve inside the beltway to be linked to a few bad apples for their transgressions.

While I will withhold judgement on Senator Stevens until the FBI/IRS conclude their discovery and possible follow up if any is deemed necessary, what’s your view of this latest news?

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