SAUSD administrators can’t stay out of trouble!

Could it be that Santa Ana Unified School District board president Rob Richardson illegally seized land at Centennial Park, via his bogus fence installation, in order to distract us from the real story that broke out this month?

That would be the latest scandal involving the SAUSD – I have heard for weeks that the district has bungled their special education program. They won’t be able to shuffle this scandal off like they did the class size reduction scandal that resulted in a loss of $2 million in state funding.

Both the O.C. Register and the Times have covered this mess.

According to the Register, “Tyrone and Alice Borelli, a married couple teaching at Valley High, said in the complaint that the district violated state and federal law when school officials transferred students to regular education classes without following outlined procedures, including the proper notification of parents.”

The Times added, “Their education, because of this stupid move, has been totally destroyed this year,” said Tyrone Borelli, who along with his wife, Alice, teaches at Valley.”

These charges are very serious! Per the Times, “The Borellis’ complaint, filed with the state May 10, alleges that the district violated federal law and the state education code.”

As usual, SAUSD trustee John Palacio put it best, “They were overcrowded, and they had to figure a way to put kids in classrooms, so what they did is got all the special-ed kids and placed them improperly in [traditional] classrooms. Everything was driven by economics,” he said Thursday.”

In any other city, the public would have forced Richardson and his allies off the board by now, and Russo would have been dragged off in handcuffs. These people are able to get away with this corruption and incompetence because they are in Santa Ana. We need to keep pressuring them and informing parents as to what is really going on. It is a matter of social justice at this point.

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