Pres Bush. The first four words of the Purpose Driven Life sums up how I feel. "It’s not about you."

Some people are so driven to have a legacy they ignore the long range impact it may have. Case in point. President George W Bush’s obesession to leave a legacy behind that he has pressured our Congressional leaders to join him in the latest amnesty effort.
Let’s ignore the Secure Fence Act of 2006 that he signed on Oct 26th of last year at which time specifics on funding were yet to be determined. That fence was to be roughly 700 miles long. Let’s ignore the fact that the first responsibility of any elected official is the security of those whom you were elected to represent.

We should not allow the president to dismiss the oath of office where he was asked to repeat the following statement: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

How many miles of the security fence have been completed since that Oct signing. Two, five or ten? And now we hear that the fence will be reduced to 370 miles. How many years will that take to construct?

We have been down this road before. Twenty two years ago we had another amnesty along with assurances from our federal government that our laws would be obeyed. Never happened.

Sadly I have strong feelings that our federal government lacks the will power to enforce any of the “trial balloon” features being floated around over the past 48 hours.

And lastly. Being a Santa Ana based blog I am surprised that none of the other Juice bloggers have issued a post on this high profile policy debate.

Let’s first build the fence, fine the employers who hire those here illegally, than see if our southern border security can be tightened before racing ahead to seek a solution to the immigration challenge.

The only reason to pass this policy before next Nov is to leave a legacy for one man. George W Bush.

Your comments are surely anticipated.
One unhappy Republican.

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