Total Recall of the Press!

The Cho Seung-Hui massacre at Virginia Tech has set off a series
of the most ridiculous arguments and events in American news history.
Hey, isn’t this blog supposed to be about Orange County and the
events that seriously impact it? Well, as Tip O’Neil might have
said: “All politics is local!”

Let’s start with the actual event: Someone makes 28 video tapes,
writes a 180 page “Manifesto”, mails all this Overnight Express
as a “doctorate of terror” to NBC News in between killing two people
in the morning and then going to another part of campus to kill 30
more people and wounding seriously 9 others. He did all this carnage
with a .22 Walther semi-auto pistol he bought on February 9th, 2007
from an E-Bay Internet Pawn Shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the
Glock Model 19 9mm pistol purchased on April 17th, 2007 from a Roanoke,
Virginia Gun Shop. Cho paid $271 bucks for the the .22 and $571
for the Glock. This of course does not include the price he paid
for the extra mags and ammo for both firearms. He purchased .22 clips
on E-Bay… between 2 and 5….depending on what source you look at.
Did he use high capacity clips for the Glock? Who cares? This slime
bag should have been put down like the mad dog that he was! Cho’s
out of pocket for his killing machines and accessories….maybe
a little over $1300 bucks!

So what great minds thought they could show “The Manifesto of Cho”
on national news, replete with “Che type photos” of Cho with two guns
in his hands? How many T-Shirts of that photo are going to sell to
the underground paraphernalia shops? Steve Capus is the President
of NBC News. This boy can’t even afford to a shaver….much less
being totally morally bankrupt! He should be fired “on the spot”
for exposing America’s youth to a “How to….” to commit mass murder
on campus! It would have been less harmful to show video tapes of
Ted Kaczynski creating bombs in his mountain cabin…how he packaged
and mailed them to various Judges around the country. For those
lucky enough to forget – Ted “K” was the UnaBomber!

Back to the sick reporting of the Virginia Tech killings: Slime bag
and bull con artist Bill O’Reilly followed suit, along with all the
majors. Truly, if it “bleeds it leads”…seemed to be their only
option. He can take his so-called “No-Spin” and send a few thousand
bucks to the victims family for those insults. Showing the Cho tapes
was not only heartless to those who knew the victims….but was cruel
and unusual punishment for those of us who actually felt great sorrow
and concern for the university and kids around the country attending
college. This entire affair was a “screw the pooch operation” from
the very beginning. The Campus Security and Virginia State Police
were chasing the poor first victims boyfriend who had just dropped
her off at campus minutes before she was gunned down by Cho. The
Residence Asst. Ryan wound up being caught up in “Cho’s Land”. Emily
Hilscher was Cho’s first target…yet, with all the printed matter
and video material…this was far more than just being infatuated
with a very popular school chum.

So was Cho an Al-Qaeda Manchurian Candidate? The head band was nice
touch. If it had been “red” like those on Flight 93…maybe there
would have been reason for concern. As if there isn’t now, as the
Press continues to hammer the typical anti-gun rhetoric diatribes.
Oh yes, its the weapon of mass destruction….not the nut case behind
the trigger. No, let’s blame the V-2 rocket for the deaths of the
British in WWII – not Hitler! “Oh, but if laws restricted Hitler
from getting those weapons……”blah, blah….blah! Cho’s life
will now be made into either a mini-series or a movie….Brutal!

So, who or what do we blame for this American Tragedy? Try stupid
and lazy Virginia Tech Campus Police. Try stupid and lazy Campus
Administrators that didn’t pay attention to a ridiculous number of
“red flags” from Professors, Counselors, Cho’s RA in his Dorm and
fellow students that knew this nut case “was not quite right in his
head”. Mark Furman on “Hannity and Coombes” recently said it best:
“What does someone have to do to get kicked out of a University
these days?” Blame those that came across this “nutso” and didn’t
at least mention his irreverent behavior!

As far as the actions of the News Media…..abysmal, deplorable and
stupid! The FBI should have never released those tapes to the media
..if that in fact is the case. The various national news media needs
to be put on notice: “Endanger our kids….lose your job!” That
should go for all the Steve Capus types and the Bill O’Reilly types
that try to justify their abhorrent actions in the name of the buck
rather than the safety of our children. The grandest rationalizations
in the world will not save these stupid “givers of the news” the next
time. Blood should be on their hands – in buckets! You would think
that seeing the Cho’s tapes should be at least as difficult as finding
a way to watch a Paris Hilton tape or a Pamela Anderson boat trip with
her husband Tommy Lee! These Major Media Clowns still haven’t
discovered the Internet or how to use it! Sickening in the extreme!
They could have made millions on pay per view! You might have even
been able to restrict a few viewers to those over 18 years of age!

Let us hope upon hope that school officials and administrators
here in Orange County will get the message. High School, University
or Middle Schools. Kids can find ways to get guns either from their
parents, their friends, through theft, though gangs – though even
caring family members or acquaintances. Only, those around these
kids call give the warning or clarion call that their actions and
attitudes need to be watched or restricted before it is too late!
In the meantime: Let’s send a message: Fire Steve Capus…NBC can
find someboy better right now, in the mail room!

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