I have always wanted to be number one! No we should be. Florida Primary may be held on Jan 29th

This is becoming silly. The Drudge Report just posted a story indicating that elected officials in Florida want to get more attention and not simply be an ATM for candidates. They therefore voted 115-1 to hold their primary on January 29th and kept the doors open to move that up if other states follow suit. My earlier idea may become a reality as this game plays out. That post suggested Thanksgiving as the day to open the polls so that we can start voting for these “turkey’s” sooner and force them to spend hundreds of millions of dollars chasing the “tarnished” gold ring.

OK Juice readers.

What’s your opinion on the impact of these wild actions that could lead to extended terms in office for some incumbents?

What impact will McCain Feingold have on this accelerated action?

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