"I don’t believe in Universal Health care where the government is involved" Arnold

One of the advantages we enjoy at the Cutting Edge-a talk show is that all, or most, of our programs can be found in our archives for future reference. We were very fortunate, outside of the governor’s staff, to be the only camera crew covering his appearance in Placentia last July 26th.

A major issue for California is health care for the uninsured. We at the Cutting Edge discussed that issue in our original 1999 promo where I estimated the number at 6 million. During his appearance at this event the governor was asked a question as to what are we doing for people over 65 with health care..anytime soon?

After repeating the question Governor Schwarzenegger said: “We just had a very important health care summit. Summit this year is affordability of health care cost..because he knows (referring to the man who asked the question) I believe very strongly that we should insure more people and my preference is to have everyone insured..and I don’t believe in Universal Health Care..where the government is involved and the government can create regulations and directives in the right direction but not health care.”

He than went on to address cost and participation. To hear and see Arnold for yourself simply go to our archives and watch the exchange between the 13 to 15 minute mark of the program entitled “The Arnold Express.” July 2006.

And my question for the readers:

Did the governor flip/flop on his position regarding universal health care?

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