OJ Bloggers to be sworn in as Commisioners on Monday

Monday night will be memorable for a few of our bloggers, as the City of Santa Ana will be administering the Oath of Office to four of us – and also to Ryan Gene who will be rejoining our blog soon (more on that later).

You can read the council agenda at this link. The meeting will take place at council chambers, at 22 Civic Center Plaza, at 6 p.m.

Luis Rodriguez and I will be sworn into the Redevelopment and Housing Commission. Sean Mills will be joining the Planning Commssion. Claudio Gallegos is coming aboard the Environmental & Transportation Advisory Committee (ETAC). Ryan Gene will be joining Claudio on ETAC but will be sworn in at a later meeting.

A few of our friends are also being sworn in. Tish Leon will become a member of the Recreation & Parks Board, Lynette Verino and Valerie Amezcua are joining the Human Relations Commission, and Jeffrey Dickman will be sworn onto the Historic Resources Commission.

One of the stranger moves will see my neighbor, Don Cribb, leave the Planning Commision to join ETAC. I heard from several friends that Cribb was purported to have said, at the last Planning Commission meeting, that he lived in Century City. His local house, which is several houses north of mine, on the same street, always appears abandoned. You can actually see furniture piled up in the window. My three year old calls it the “ghost house” and he is quite afraid of it. Is it legal for someone who lives elsewhere to serve on a city commission? Nothing against Cribb, it just seems odd that he would get an appointment if indeed he made that statement about living in Century City. I wonder if his alleged statement will be reflected in the minutes of the meeting in question?

Another appointment worth noting is Julie Stroud replacing Tim Whitacre on the Recreations & Park Board. Whitacre served for 8 years and appears to be without an appointment this time around. Stroud is very active in city politics, but she supported two losing candidates this past year and is probably quite grateful to still land an appointment.

I would like to thank Councilwoman Michele Martinez for nominating me to the Redevelopment Commission. I know that my fellow bloggers are also grateful to their nominating council members. I also look forward to seeing Sean in action on the Planning Commission! For the record, we have all promised that we won’t be blogging about matters before our respective commissions. It’s not like we have a shortage of other things to write about…

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