Greenhut chugs Trung Nguyen’s Kool Aid

O.C. Register opinion writer Steven Greenhut took a swig of Kool Aid today and declared that no matter which Nguyen comes out on top, the taxpayers win. I don’t know about that. It is becoming readily apparent that Trung Nguyen and his Trannies cheated their way to the top.

I am hearing accounts of dead people voting, hundreds of ballots being sent to P.O boxes, voter coercion, votes cast by people who have been in Vietnam for six months, etc. This is shameful! It should not be allowed to stand. I expect this kind of behavior in third world countries, but not here in the U.S. The Trannies have made a mockery of our election laws.

It is also my understanding that Janet Nguyen is going to battle this to its ultimate conclusion. Good for her – and good for the rest of us! Trannie consigliere Mike Schroeder recently ripped her, comparing her to Al Gore. However, Schroeder shouldn’t talk about letting elections stand. Just this week he tried to remove our new State Attorney General, Jerry Brown, even though he won hands down. And I understand that Schroeder was also involved in Diane Harkey’s attempt to overrule Tom Harman’s win last year. What a disgusting hypocrite!

Greenhut also ripped the unions – but why isn’t he ripping O.C. GOP machine consultant John Lewis and his cronies, specifically? Surely they got punked as badly as the unions did in this election. Indeed, most of the GOP machinery wasted their money and endorsements on Carlos Bustamante. Just look at the election mapping software that the O.C. Registrar of Voters has made available. Bustamante lost almost every precinct in Santa Ana to Tom Umberg!

Greenhut actually wrote, “voters, Vietnamese and otherwise, defied the unions. ” If he was really interested in dissecting this election, he would make note of the fact that the Democrats erred by not recruiting a viable Latino candidate. That when Lou Correa and Loretta Sanchez sat this one out, for the most part, it doomed Umberg. That when a slew of local Latino Democrats, led by Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Al Amezcua, betrayed their party by backing Bustamante, they too doomed Umberg.

This was less about the unions losing, and more about infighting within the Democrat ranks, and a weak candidate in Umberg. Had they all unified behind Umberg, he likely would have won. Of course, I would not have celebrated that outcome.

This mess is not over, by any means. I have heard whispers that Schroeder is trying to broker a deal between Janet and Trung. Good luck with that – she is not going to budge. The taxpayers will only win when our laws are upheld and a lot of Trannies end up behind bars. At this point we need to get behind Janet and do everything possible to hold the Trannies accountable.

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