Santa Ana City Council Meeting Preview

The next Santa Ana City Council meeting is coming up this Tuesday, January 2. You can find the agenda online at this link. Here are a few highlights to watch out for:

  • The meeting starts off with a bang as the council discusses vacancies on the city commissions. It is interesting to note that Mayor Miguel Pulido has three votes, and the opposition, which includes Council Members Claudia Alvarez, Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero, also has three votes. Unless the two sides opt to approve each other’s nominations it could get ugly. There are 41 openings when you count up all the expired terms. Some of those who are completing terms may well be renominated. If those seats can’t be filled we’ll be faced with some serious gridlock.
  • Item 22B – the city council is voting to spend $100,000 on weekend and holiday graffiti removal. Wow! I hope they are jailing some of the perps causing all this harm. Maybe we need more activities for our young people so as to give them something else to do with their spare time?
  • Items 22C and 22F – The city council is voting on over $600,000 in library expenditures. I wonder how much of that will be spent on Spanish and Vietnamese language materials?
  • Item 31A – This one ought to be interesting. Developer Mike Harrah is asking for yet another variance. This time he wants to put up an additional wall sign on the north elevation of Original Mike’s restaurant, at 100 Main St. I hope the council votes no just to spite Harrah – especially with his One Broadway Plaza (OBP) project in such disarray.
  • Item 65B – The council will consider what to do about the vacancy in Ward 1. Do not expect an appointment. We are headed for a special election.
  • Item 85 A – Council members Alvarez, Martinez and Tinajero are asking the Council to set up a Gang Prevention and Intervention Commission. Sounds like a good idea.
  • Item 85 B – The same Council members are proposing a public hearing, to take place on January 16, to discuss a proposed ordinance regarding regulation of superstores. Uh-oh. Not a good idea. This idea is coming from the unions. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. See my article today about the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter in Garden Grove.

That’s it! The meeting will take place at City Hall, at 5:30 p.m., at Council Chambers, located at 20 Civic Center Plaza.

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