Hire Leyes – please!

I don’t have anything against Mark Leyes, per se, but his posts at Red County/OC Blog have just become an unending diatribe against Janet Nguyen. In his latest post, he knocks what she does or does not do for a living. Give me a break! Leyes has been sucking at the public teat virtually his entire life – has he ever worked in the private sector?

Actually, one of his first jobs was in Los Angeles, where he worked for then Mayor Tom Bradley – in opposition to conservative Republican Governor George Deukmejian. Back then Leyes was a liberal Democrat. He also applied to be a delegate for Mike Dukakis. I don’t know if he was in the tank that Dukakis was famously pictured in…but he might have been. He also campaigned for Bill Clinton in 1992. The horror! I found this information at this link.

Leyes’ last job, working for State Senator Tom Harman, came to an end when Leyes couldn’t get along with Harman’s female district director, according to a conversation I had with Leyes last year.

I imagine that he has been lounging around the stately Leyes Manor in his boxers, surrounded by empty pizza boxes, Doritos bags and sticky, squished cans of Mountain Dew, researching on google.com feverishly in an endless attempt to discredit Janet. What a sad waste of time.

Why would Leyes be in such a huge rush to slam Janet? Could it be that Carlos Bustamante has already offered him a job on the 5th Floor? Please – won’t someone hire Leyes? Please?

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