US Intelligence Chief says that Cuban President Fidel Castro may be on his death bed.

Based on information from the U.S. Intelligence Chief, the Washington Post is reporting that Cuban President Fidel Castro may be on his death bed.Can you believe that the Cuban Revolution occurred roughly 50 years ago?

With support from the infamous guerilla Che Guevara, Fidel ousted President Fulgencio Batista becoming Prime Minister of Cuba in 1959.

While his brother Raul has recently taken over the leadership post from Fidel, what relationship changes, if any, do you feel the U.S. should undertake with that Country of 11 million people living 90 miles south of Florida?

I have to admit that whenever I see photos or movies from Cuba with American made cars dating back to the ’50’s it does bring back fond memories.

However I also have sad memories of us abandoning the brave Cubans and Americans who participated in the Bay of Pigs operation of April 17, 1961. As some from the left continue to hammer our current president, the Bay of Pigs failure, under President JFK, may go down in history as one of America’s biggest foreign policy blunders.

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