Overwhelmed by Juice posts? There are 37 million blogs in China

From the Taipei Times I have read that “Beijing required all foreign services distributing news in China to operate through Xinhua news agency, which will censor content that undermines “China’s national unity,” endangers “China’s national security,” incites “hatred and discrimination,” undermines “social ethics or the fine cultural traditions of the Chinese nation,” and more. The purpose of the rules, a government worker explained, was to promote the “healthy and orderly” dissemination of information.

Perhaps a new career has been created. Cyber police! In China they have 30,000 cyber police monitoring the Internet. In time Orange Juice bloggers may have to refrain from posting anything critical of our government. In China if you exhibit too much freedom of thought your site is shut down. This just illustrates that we must not take our First Amendment freedom for granted. Larry Gilbert

Let me provide part of the text as follows:

In June, the government said it planned to impose “admittance standards” for blogs. More restrictions are likely to come. In July Cai Wu (??), director of the Information Office of the State Council, advocated action “because more and more harmful information is being circulated online.”

Luckily, the battle for information freedom is not static. It’s hard for even 30,000 cyber spies to keep up with 37 million Chinese blogs. Moreover, a number of Chinese and Western programmers work to defeat Beijing’s censors.

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