Pulido to appoint Solorio’s replacement tonight!

News Flash! I just heard from a credible source that Santa Ana Councilman Jose Solorio is going to resign at tonight’s “emergency” City Council meeting and Mayor Miguel Pulido is going to try to appoint his replacement. I don’t know if they are going to vote on the firefighter contract first.

There has been a lot of talk about possible replacements for Solorio – but most of the city activists I know want a special election. They want the voters to decide who replaces Solorio. However Pulido, who did now allow the voters to vote on ward-specific elections or mayoral term limits, now apparently does not want the voters to replace Solorio.

Who else is on that list? Other names I have heard include Vince Sarmiento and Desi Reyes, but I don’t know if Reyes lives in Ward 1.

Does Pulido have the votes to get his way? Maybe. If Alberta Christy, Mike Garcia, and Carlos Bustamante go along with Pulido, then we won’t be able to stop him from appointing Whitacre to Ward 1. That would be an awful thing for Christy and Garcia to do to our city as they prepare to leave the City Council. And for Bustamante it might turn out to be a career-killer as he is facing a tough re-election campaign in two years.

If Pulido does go ahead and appoint a replacement for Solorio, he will in affect be announcing that he won’t be working with the new council members. Fine – if Pulido does this I am prepared to help start a recall of our Mayor. He needs to let the voters speak – on this issue and the others I referenced.

As for Bustamante, he better watch his every step. He is not the only well-known Latino Republican in Ward 3. He will definitely face competition in two years – and appointing Whitacre to Ward 1 will come back to haunt him. He needs to let the voters decide this.

The meeting tonight is closed to the public, according to the OC Register. Go there anyway! Voice your displeasure and let Pulido and his cronies know that we are watching their every move. They cannot get away with this underhanded scheming any longer.

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