Pulido rushes to pay back Santa Ana Firefighters

I heard from several sources tonight that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has called for a special session of the Santa Ana City Council tomorow at 6 pm, at the 8th Floor of City Hall, in order to pass a new raise for the Santa Ana Firefighters before the new council members are sworn in. The firefighters spent a load on Pulido’s puppets in the recent election, only to have two out of three of the puppets lose. But Pulido is not done with them yet, as we are headed for a special election to fill the seat vacated by outgoing councilman Jose Solorio, who is headed for Sacramento.

Ward 6 council candidate George Collins will be there tomorrow night to film Pulido and his crooked cronies. I hope that Mike Garcia, Lisa Bist will not go along with Pulido’s latest gambit. It would be a terrible way for Garcia and Bist to close out their council careers. The same goes for Alberta Christy.

Folks – don’t let Pulido get away with this. Call City Hall tomorrow, at (714) 647-5200, and complain. I understand that Solorio will be calling into the meeting from his new digs in Sacramento. Remember this when he runs for reelection in two years. He didn’t deserve your vote this year – and he is already getting off to a terrible start. We need to vote him out in two years!

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