Only in Texas. ……..Gift for TX politicians "A suitcase stuffed with $100 bills is perfectly fine"

While we have Shirley Grindle of Tin Cup working tirelessly to expose campaign finance abuses in Orange county, L.A. Times Staff Writer Miguel Bustillo has an interesting article in today’s Times whose headline reads: “A texas-sized campaign loophole.”

Let me suggest your reading the entire article. The second paragraph reads as follows: “The Texas Ethics Commission affirmed this week that state officials could accept unlimited gifts of cash from donors without revealing how much they received. All public officials have to do is report a gift of currency and the source of the money.”

“Campaign finance watchdogs were outraged when the Texas Ethics Commission ruled that public officials who receive large sums of checks do not have to disclose the amount–as long as they report a gift of a check and whom it was from.”

Very nice. Talk about a level playing field for challengers when the next election cycle rolls around. Let us pray that this action is overturned. We surely do not wish to see this practice occurring in Orange County.

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