Larry Gilbert Blacklisted? from OC Blog?

For the past two days I have attempted to respond to questions regarding my positions on Measure M on the OC Blog. I feel as though I am being blacklisted from expressing my opinion or responses on that blog. It is unfortunate that I contacted Jubal on several occasions to request access so that his readers do not think I am ducking their questions. I do not run and hide from anything and was at the Irvine Hyatt last night and briefly spoke to Todd Spitzer outside the OCTA party.

So for those who attempted to get a response from me I made multiple attempts to no avail. I do not have that problem in posting on other county blogs such as Orange Punch which I was able to do this morning.

OK. OC Blog readers. Feel free to use this post as your vehicle to ask me any questions.

PS: Earlier today I received a phone call from the Register reporter who wrote a half page, above the fold story, on page two of the front section last week that looked like a Paid Advertisement for Measure M. She even included the OCTA website but no reference to ours or interview coverage from one of our opponents.
Let’s see what part of my comments she uses in quoting me in her next story. We spoke about many of the reasons we objected to this version of Measure M but my sense is that she had an Agenda and may not publish any of our major points. Stay tuned for her story. I intend to.

PS: Jubal. If or when you open the door for me at OC Blog I will be happy to share my views on your posts if I have anything of interest to add. it’s your call.

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