Irvine opening libraries while Santa Ana Council closes theirs

You can tell a lot about a city by its support for local libraries. While the City of Santa Ana, which is mired in illiteracy and English fluency issues, has been busy closing libraries, its counterpart to the southeast, Irvine, has been equally busy, apparently, building new libraries. One city boasts the strongest school system in the county – the other is full of schools on the verge of state takeover. One city has to spend a gross amount of its budget on police – the other doesn’t have nearly as much crime to contend with. Santa Ana is covered in graffiti – Irvine is covered in ivy. Get the picture?

Now the Register has disclosed that Irvine is building its third library – and it sounds like a wonderful facility. Memo to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and soon to be Mayor Pro Tem Carlos Bustamante – you guys need to read the following article and ask yourselves where your priorities lie – you both are guilty of cutting the local library budget to the bone – and you, along with your cohorts Jose Solorio and company, were at the helm when our libraries were closed and our bookmobiles were canceled. Hope you are proud of your “legacy.” Read on:

Library work to start in Irvine
The $6.2 million, 10,000-square-foot branch facility could open in late 2007.


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