Proposition 90 meeting

Laguna Woods “Residents Voice” meeting on Proposition 90

Last night I participated in a panel discussion of Proposition 90 to 100 members of the Laguna Woods Residents Voice group. Along with 73AD Assemblywoman Mimi Walters, Chairperson on the Yes on 90 team, and Pat Bates former Assemblywoman and current candidate for OC Board of Supervisor in the Fifth District, we provided an overview of early Legislative attempts to fix eminent domain abuses, the Initiative and the background of eminent domain activities.
Although the term eminent domain is now widely covered in the media we still need to alert the voters of the impact it has on property owners across our country and the need to support this Ballot Measure. For those not engaged in the policy debate it is difficult to understand the language of Ballot measures and the ramifications of same.

I can report that out of 100 attendees only one person in attendance at this non-partisan meeting expressed opposition to Prop 90. He did bring No on 90 literature that was on the literature table for all to take. We listened to his position and respectfully responded to him during the Q & A which followed our presentations.

After the Q & A we safely exited the clubhouse. I say that because the sky did not fall as opponents would have you believe.
Larry Gilbert

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