OCTA’s slick flyer on Measure M

OCTA’s Measure M mailer states that they plan to add lanes on the SR-91 Freeway. Hmm. Where have we heard that before? Without providing a lengthy rebuttal to this slick mailer I will say that in Nov of 1990 we were “guaranteed a new lane in each direction, and major interchange improvements on the Riverside Freeway (State Route 91).” What we got was the current 91 Toll Road along with a “non compete” clause preventing CALTRANS from adding free lanes on SR-91. This deception should not be rewarded. You fooled us once. We will not be misled again. They now tell us Centerline is dead but in my debate with Supervisor Bill Campbell he refused to respond to my question. “Can you guarantee that OCTA’s Master Plan does not contain the 87 mile Urban Rail Network?”
Enough said. We need to send OCTA a message. This renewal of Measure M is flawed. Vote NO!
Larry Gilbert, Co-author REBUTTAL ARGUMENT

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