Lou Correa is no Tax-fighter!

This just came in from the Howard Jarvis Foundation…looks like Lou Correa is not a tax-fighter after all!

While serving in the State Assembly, Lou Correa repeatedly failed to support Proposition 13 and taxpayers.

He failed to vote against a measure that would have undercut Proposition 13 by making it easier to raise billions in new property taxes.

He twice failed to vote against measures that would undercut Proposition 13 by making it easier to raise the sales tax. This could have cost taxpayers billions.

Lou Correa also voted to raise taxes by $3.1 billion on businesses, voted to raise the gas tax and voted to raise taxes by $240 million on computers and TVs.

In 2004, his last year in the Legislature, Correa received only a C rating for his votes on taxpayer issues. By contrast, Assemblywoman Daucher got an A because she helped prevent homeowners from being taxed right out of their homes.

Lynn Daucher is committed to protecting taxpayers and defending Prop 13.

In fact, she was one of the first public officials in the state to come out strongly against Proposition 88, a new statewide property tax on the November ballot.

Taxpayers need a senator who will stand up to the special spending interests in Sacramento and say NO to tax increases.

That is why I urge you to vote for Lynn Daucher for Senate.


Jon Coupal

P.S. Lou Correa also voted for Gray Davis budgets and energy policies that put California deep in debt and nearly bankrupted the state.

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