"Don’t stay home on November 7th–Internet voting is not here yet".

Regardless of which party, if any, you are registered with, I urge every registered voter to do your homework, ask questions if needed on every ballot Measure or candidate, and Vote!

Think about the 2,000 plus fellow Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq so that the residents of that Nation could cast votes as the world watched. Iraqi’s proudly were seen in photos with purple fingers verifying their voting even while their lives were threatened.
Other than apathy, what enemy is keeping us home from the polls?
A few years ago my wife and I traveled to Russia. As our tour bus drove past the Kremlin in Moscow I missed taking a photo because I was caught off guard.The bus turned a corner exposing a dozen citizens freely standing with protest signs. No. The KGB, whose HQ is but a few block away, did not show up and take names or haul them off to prison, or worse.
At a private home dinner a few weeks later in St. Petersburg, the hosts engaged our small group in a discussion which surprised me. I’ll skip their questions, such as the Enron scandal or genetically modified foods and comment on ours. The impact in living under Communism and the transition to Capitalism. It has not been easy going from a system where most of your needs are met whether you produce or not to the experience of freedom. They are struggling in the transition but are happy nonetheless.

So back to voting. Last Dec 6th’s Special Election in the 48th Congressional District, where 26 percent of registered voters participated, was an embarrassment. Or more recently the April 2006 race for the 35th State Senate seat between Dana Point Councilmember Diane Harkey and Assemblyman Tom Harman where Tom won by what, 225 votes? How many intelligent registered voters stayed home in that race? With 513,832 registered voters only 19.1% voted by absentee ballot or showed up at the polls. That’s 400,000 NO SHOWS. Disgraceful!

Don’t allow the “mudslinging” keep you home next month. Some candidates go negative when they lack a positive message or track record. Candidates are ultimately responsible for the message created by their campaign managers.

Quoting someone else’s cliche is appropriate. “Every vote counts and every vote will be counted.”
Larry Gilbert

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