Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa come early to Orange County this year

Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa come early to Orange County this year. The supporters of extending the poorly conceived Measure M extension are giving out free gifts to everyone in the County. After reading the flyer I felt I had just dined at an all you can eat schmorgashboard restaurant. In Mission Viejo our mailer, referencing past accomplishments, was signed by Councilman Frank Ury.
I guess we could say the same thing about the New York Yankees. Look at how many championship banners are hanging in their Bronx home. Joe Torre survived but their 2006 season is over.
However, as I have taught sales and marketing executives around the country, whose staff survive by commission alone, corporate beancounters don’t place too much emphasis on yesterday’s achievements. Along with compensation we distribute plaques to hang on office walls for past accomplishments.
Supporters of Measure M are desperate. It has been reported that they have raised around $2 million to promote this flawed plan allocating twenty percent, representing $one billion dollars for a countywide Centerline system for less than one-half of one percent of commuters. And the bigger joke, having the AM Peak ridership numbers for the past fiscal year, they tell us their plan includes “expanding” service. So if the AM peak ridership in Santa Ana, our largest city with 350,000 residents, is currently 141, than will perhaps 35 residents (.01 percent)ride an expanded Metrolink schedule? What’s the plan? Add a train between the northbound 5:41 and 6:53 PM? How many straphangers are on the train at this hour anyway? Currently the last northbound train from this station departs at 6:53 PM. So you add one or two more trains at 8 and 9 PM. Hello, how much additional time can they spend at their destination and still board a train back home? Does it make sense? They said it and I will continue to repeat their words.
“The proposed Measure M may have to be refined and presented to the voters more than once.”
Larry Gilbert

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