Californians Exclusive Electorate by Mark Baldassare

Mark Baldassare of the Public Policy Institute of CA authored a new report entitled “California’s Exclusive Electorate” that you can download from their site free of charge. Their URL is

Let me wet your appetite by sharing some of his opening remarks:
“Who Votes, Who Doesn’t, And How They Differ.”

California’s electorate does not reflect the size, the growth, or the diversity of California’s population. Today, eight in 10 adults are eligible to vote but just 56 percent are registered, less than half (43%) belong to one of the major parties, and only 35 percent of adults can be expected to vote in the November election.”

“12 million of the state’s 27.7 million adults are not registered to vote.”
Gilbert commentary. Does this minor fact disturbe you? It should!

It is one thing to have an informed public casting their votes but a larger concern is the growing apathy where now a minority of the states population can control the outcome of initiatives and candidates. Were the best interests of the 35th Senate District voters served by a minority of the voters controlling the outcome of that race as I posted earlier? Think about the campaign “handlers” who in some cases hope for rain on election day resulting in a low voter turnout.

Let me suggest you read this 28 page handbook.
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