OC GOP at Fiestas de las Americas in Santa Ana

What a day! The OC GOP, Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher, who is running for the 34th Senate District, and Congressional candidate Tan Nguyen together purchased a booth at the Fiestas de las Americas, which was held today in downtown Santa Ana. The event is held annually and it commemorates the independence of Latin American countries, most notably Mexico, which celebrates its Independence Day on September 16.

The event was very well attended and it featured numerous booths from companies and community organizations. The food was fantastic. The fresh juices included limonada, and numerous aguas, including horchata, sandia and pina. Food included $1 tacos, huge tortas, and something called a huarache. There was also roasted corn, paletas, and fresh fruit in abundance.

Local Republican candidates Thomas Gordon, who is running for Mayor of Santa Ana, and George Collins, who is running for ward 6 on the Santa Ana City Council, joined Daucher’s campaign manager and other staff, as well as Ryan Flynn, the manager of the Nguyen campaign, in giving away thousands of balloons. The balloons were decorated with Daucher and Schwarzenegger stickers. You could not walk around the event without seeing these balloons all over the place.

The OC Democratic Party did not buy a booth at the event. Nor did any Democrat candidates. I did see Santa Ana School Board candidate Cecilia Aguinaga in the parade, shouting “Si se puede!” from a car. I also saw OC GOP donor Carlos Olamendi in the parade, in yet another decorated car. I understand that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his ally, Council Member Carlos Bustamente were in the parade too.

The parade itself was a lot of fun. There were hundreds of musicians, marchers, and mounted vaqueros, plus lots of cars and trucks with beautiful women representing various regions of Mexico. There were a lot of little kids in the parade and they were very cute in their authentic outfits. Santa Ana police were everywhere, maintaining order – but everyone seemed to be on their best behavior.

There were also a lot of carnival rides and games. My two younger boys were with me and I ended up spending $20 on rides – and my three year old still wanted to go on more rides! Watch out, you can go broke at this event…

The festivities continue tomorrow, all day. Come by and see Ryan Williams, the Republican candidate for the 69th Assembly District. He will be there all day. James Vanderbilt, from the OC GOP Central Committee, and the Anaheim City School District, will be there at 9 a.m. Flynn will be there again representing the Nguyen campaign. And I am sure we will have a few folks from the Daucher campaign. Plus Gordon will be back – which is a good thing as he is very fast at inflating balloons.

Kudos to OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh for his help in securing the booth. Thanks to Daucher and her staff, as well as Gordon, Collins and his wife Janet for all their hard work today!

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