Is Dina Nguyen a stealth union candidate?

Dina Nguyen is running for the Garden Grove City Council – and she was endorsed by the OC GOP Endorsement Committee last week. However, information has come my way indicating that she is not what she appears to be.

Nguyen was nominated to the Garden Grove Planning Commission by Council Member Mark Rosen, a Democrat, in February of this year. However, the nomination failed when Council Members Bill Dalton, Janet Nguyen and Harry Krebs, all Republicans, voted against it.

Apparently Dina was also a Democrat, but she changed her registration to Republican, in March of this year. Also, she wrote a check to Assemblyman Van Tran in January of this year, and she was noted as a resident of Westminster – which is a problem if she is now trying to get onto the Garden Grove City Council.

I have also been told that certain forces in Garden Grove are trying to get Dina elected so that she can vote against a new Wal Mart that is supposed to open up in Garden Grove. If that is indeed the case, it would mark her as a sell-out to the unions, and sure enough she hired pro-union squish Ken Maddox, a former Assemblyman, as her consultant, according to Red County/OC Blog.

I tried to find Dina’s campaign site, to no avail. However I did find her posing with State Senator Tom Harman. The League of Women Voters’ Smart Voter site notes that Dina is a commissioner, attorney and businesswoman. I don’t know what commission she sits on, as the City of Garden Grove does not list commissioners on their website.

I have a feeling that Dina is going to have a hard time getting her endorsement approved at Monday’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting.

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