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News links for Friday, August 18

Radioactive leak reaches nuclear plant’s groundwater Look mom – a two-headed rabbit! The Register noticed too.

O.C. Records Its First West Nile Case of the Year Never mind the pandemic – watch out for the mosquitos!

The Boom Gets a Little More Room in Laguna Beach The fun continues at the Boom…

Orange County’s Largest Nightclub Loses Liquor License But not at the Boogie!

Vietnamese publisher, community leader dies Uh oh – I hope he wasn’t upset about Pham going to the OC Blog…

Angelides touts middle-class tax breaks in O.C. stop I changed my mind – I only want to raise taxes for the rich – I love the rest of you guys!

Orange gives priority to removing graffiti Can we do that in Santa Ana too?

Redistricting measure is ‘dead’ for 2006 Is anyone really surprised?

Great Park draft design to go public Oct. 14 The Great Pork lives!

1 injured in drive-by You guys better duck while you’re “Returning to Reason”

Campaigner off and running again Jim Moreno is running for the Coast Community College District Board of Trustees

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Group will shift city into reverse Return to Reason is bad! According to some guy named Christian Eric.

Prop. 86 a tax increase nonstarter Prop. 86 is bad too! According to our friends at the OC Register

GOP presidential candidates coming to OC George Allen is coming to Santa Ana – no Maccacas allowed!

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