OC Democrats vote to condemn Israel? Sounds good to Mad Mel!

A little pajarito (boy he gets around!) told me that the OC Democrats, at their last Central Committee meeting, actually entertained a motion, allegedly by the always exciting Hull-Richter faction, to either condemn Israel for their actions in Lebanon, or compel them to declare a cease-fire. Word is OC Democrat Chair Frank Barbaro was none too happy about the motion.

In related news, the Dems are now interested in having Mel Gibson speak at their next meeting, in the wake of his recent DUI arrest where he was overhead to blame the Jews for everything. Gibson promises to appear in his snazzy new Al Qaida outfit (courtesy of our friend Mike Lawson over at the Liberal OC blog- well done Mike!).

This will surely end up in a new South Park episode sometime next year…

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