Norby leads the way against Carona

If OC Supervisor Chris Norby keeps this up, he may end up with as many Democrat fans as Republicans. His latest newsletter is a gem – he succinctly makes the case for rejecting OC Sheriff Mike Carona’s shameless request for close to $400,000 for an extension of a contract to conduct bogus polling of OC residents, judges and and law enforcement agencies. According to Norby’s newsletter, $700,000 has already been spent in this fashion in the last six years!

What makes the poll bogus is the vapidity of the questions. Norby highlights three of the worst examples in the last survey:

  • How important is investigating and solving serious crimes?
  • How important is it to responded promptly to 911 calls?
  • How important is it to address illegal gang activity?

If Carona has no idea as to the outcomes of the above-referenced questions, he is even dumber than we think!

Norby’s at his best when he answers Carona’s ignorant statement that “Norby is incapable of being educated.” Norby’s response: “These statements reflect a lack of understanding of the role of supervisors. It is our duty to debate issues. Listening to the Sheriff or his staff does not obligate us to agree with them. Supervisors are not rubber stamps, but guardians of the public purse.”

Now is the time to email the Supervisors and ask them to reject Carona’s brazen request at their next meeting, on Tuesday, August 1. Even better – write letters and fax or email them, or go to the board meeting and make your voice heard. The key to the vote will be OC BOS Chairman Lou Correa. He backed Norby last time around, but somewhat tenuously. Encourage Correa to stand firm against the OC Bully, Mike Carona! Also, please remind Jim Silva that he has to start voting better now that he is headed to Sacramento. He wimped out and gave in to Carona last time, but perhaps he might learn a thing or two from Norby and Correa.

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