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I received a note yesterday regarding an upcoming fundraiser for embattled Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor. His campaign is calling it the “The Costa Mesa Mayor Mansoor BBQ.” I am enclosing below what the note had to say about the event. I am also enclosing, after that information, an interesting article written by conservative blogger Stephen Frank, about Mansoor, as well as a commentary written by Mansoor.

Here is the copy regarding the Mansoor fundraiser:

This event is turning out to be a great time. We have lots of fun things to do for young andyoung at heart. There will be games and prizes for the kids, and sports for the teens and adults.

Although the donation is $25 per person, we have a “family” donation of $50 for Mom/Dad/Kids. This is an inexpensive way to support Mayor Mansoor and have fun while doing it.

Here are some of the things we have planned:

BBQ, Hot Dogs, hamburgers, salads, casseroles, munchies, desserts, all the trimmings. YUM!

Games for the Kiddies: Water fun, toss the bean bags, races,Pinata’s, Prizes for all Kids.

Games for Teens/Adults: Volleyball, races, horseshoes.

Raffle/Auction: Tons of prizes to be raffled off. “Win a Dinner with Mayor Mansoor” Live Auction!

Bring a potluck dish and a blanket.

Checks for BBQ can be mailed to:

Friends of Mayor Mansoor
2973 Harbor Blvd.
Suite 346
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-9987
ID# 1242555

It’s going to be a beautiful day in Costa Mesa!



Posted July 17 2006

By Steve Frank

Before I get to the main issue of this blog, allow me to remind folks that July 18th is an important date in American history:

July 18, 1969 — Senator Edward Kennedy drove his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts. His passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned, but he did not report the accident until the following day. Let us not forget Mary Jo. Obviously Ted Kennedy is no hero.

A real hero stands up for truth and justice. A real hero stands up and takes an oath of office, then abides by that oath. A hero is someone that in the face of yelling, threats, hate talk, still does the right thing.

As Mayor of Costa Mesa, Allan Mansoor noted that some of the laws involving illegal aliens were not being enforced. His city Council agreed to take a stand, that laws on the books should be enforced.

Below is an article that Allan has written for the California Political News explaining the issue and the problem of government enforcing the law. While you may not live in Costa Mesa, you deserve council members like Allan that abide by their oaths of office.

If you want to reach Mayor Mansoor directly, his campaign web site is

He was also a strong proponent of Prop. 75, Paycheck Protection. This is a man that is willing to take a stand!

What do you think? should cities enforce local laws in re: illegal aliens? Or should local government wait till the Federal government does the right thing? Write directly on the web site with your thoughts at

Steve Frank


In December of 2005, the Costa Mesa city council voted to go forward with entering into an agreement with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) to enforce federal immigration laws locally. The vote was not unanimous. Myself, Bever, and Monahan voted yes and Foley and Dixon voted no. Final approval to implement this plan has not been given yet by ICE as they are waiting to see what kind of “reform” congress comes up with. To me this is silly because what we are trying to implement is based on existing law that congress has approved. I am convinced there is support for this by everyday people at the local level. The obstruction to upholding our laws is at the federal level.

Currently, when someone is arrested for breaking the law, most officers are not authorized to ask about the suspect’s immigration status. Costa Mesa’s proposal would involve training the police gang detail, special enforcement detail, investigators, and possibly custody personnel to enforce immigration laws when a major crime is involved. The authority for it comes from a law passed by congress, and the training would be done under the guidance of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. It is similar to what is being proposed at the county level and will focus on the most dangerous offenders. Officers would simply carry out the policy through the course of their daily duties if they arrest someone for a major crime. There would be no sweeps for enforcement of immigration laws alone, as some have been concerned about. In other words, there must be another crime involved first. Often, if people are in this country illegally and they break a law, they are either cited and released or, if convicted, released back into society after they serve their time. It is inaccurate to think they are all deported. Part of the reason for this is insufficient staffing. According to a county report, there are only 2,000 agents nationwide assigned to ICE who are charged with locating and apprehending violators of immigration laws. The proposed policy would also allow officers to start the deportation process, something that only ICE agents can now do. So this type of enforcement will make the city safer for everyone, even those who are here illegally but are otherwise law abiding. According to our city staff report the training under ICE would focus on immigration law, civil rights, intercultural relations, and the issues and illegalities surrounding racial profiling. There is a lot of support for the enforcement of our immigration laws, and it is time we follow through with it. I believe this is the very least the American public expects from its elected officials and law enforcement.

According to the county’s draft proposal, there are 400,000 individuals in the United States who have received and ignored their final deportation orders and that 80,000 of these offenders had criminal convictions. The report also says that of our current state prison population of 162,000 inmates, 17,650 are convicted foreign nationals and that 1,575 are convicted foreign nationals who have committed felonies in Orange County.

The federal government has failed to do its job but that doesn’t mean we should sit idly by and do nothing. My goal is to make Costa Mesa safer, bring greater awareness to the facts of this issue, and to encourage other cities to join in a cooperative effort to make this more effective. Recently, according to the OC Register, ICE just arrested three illegal alien sex offenders in Costa Mesa. This raises questions. Are there more sex offenders? Gang members? How long have they been here? If they find out about more, how long do we have to wait for ICE to return? What if a major criminal has been deported after serving his time and returns? Our officers need the ability to identify and arrest that individual based on the felony re-entry alone. This is not currently being done. This underscores how critical the situation is, not only in Costa Mesa, but in the entire country. In Costa Mesa, Gary Monahan is termed out. So whoever replaces him in November will determine whether or not this proposal will be implemented. This is why I am supporting Wendy Leece. She is a solid conservative who supports upholding the law.

I fully support legal immigration and respect those who come here legally. This is not about race but about criminal offenses and legal status. I am an American without a hy
phen. My parents immigrated legally from Egypt and Sweden and this policy would be applied equally to someone from the Middle East or Europe. We operate under the rule of law and it’s time we got back to it. Americans are standing up and asking their elected officials to enforce the law. This policy is simply one more tool that the police will have to identify and help deport dangerous people who are involved in major crimes, and it will make our cities safer places to live. Just ask a victim.

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