Kool Aid drinkers out in full force tonight

I figured that tonight’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting was going to be a quick one. Boy was I wrong. The main item on the agenda seemed to be a slam dunk. All we had to do was approve a list of incumbent non-partisan elected officials who were seeking the endorsement of the OC GOP. However, the machine flexed its muscles again.

The Central Committee members have the right to “pull” or withdraw the names of anyone on the proposed endorsement list, without giving a reason. Our deadline for doing so was Sunday night, at midnight. However, nothing is ever that easy when it comes to the OC GOP Central Committee.

Adam Probolsky, an ex-oficio alternate to the OC GOP Central Committee, decided that he wanted to pull the names of two San Clemente council members off the list. I immediately figured that he was getting revenge because they supported Lt. Bill Hunt for OC Sheriff instead of Probolsky’s friend and client, Mike Carona. I was wrong.

Tim Whitacre asked Probolsky point blank why he wanted the two south county elected officials pulled from consideration for endorsement. According to Whitacre, Probolsky is a paid lobbyist/consultant for some kind of building association, and they want the unfettered right to build huge two or three story structures nearby the beach in San Clemente – thereby obscuring the view that so many others paid dearly for. The two council members in question, G. Wayne Eggleston and Joe Anderson, will have a chance next Monday night to plead their case at the OC GOP Endorsement Committee.

Of course Whitacre and I tried to stop OC GOP Chairman’s decision to allow Probolsky to withdraw the names. Whitacre talked about how the ex-oficio alternates should not be granted special powers. I said that Probolsky’s patron, Mark Weyland, should have had plenty of time to read the list of possible endorsers, since he got it on June 26, and ask that specific ones be pulled from the list. My argument fell on deaf ears as most in the room were OC GOP Kool Aid drinkers, unfortunately. Kermit Marsh however actually disagreed with Baugh on this one.

Afterwards, Whitacre said he wanted the two who were taken off the list to be discussed and put to us for endorsement. However, Baugh then said he had a guest speaker who was very important, and then Scott and his posse left, ostensibly so Baugh could catch a plane. Their exodus of course cost us the quorum, and after the speaker was finished, Baugh’s second vice chairman took over and declared that as we had no quorum, the matter of the two San Clemente councilmembers would be resolved at next week’s Endorsement Committee meeting.

Sure enough, Baugh returned to the meeting afterwards, but by then I was hightailing it out of there. And that is when I ran into Jon Fleischman. I offered him my hand, just to be nice, but he did not take it. Instead he asked someone else why I keep ripping him in my blog. Sorry Jon! I just cannot stand your boss, Mike Carona. Make that ex-boss. Fleischman admitted to me that he has left Carona’s PR department, ostensibly to make more money as a political consultant. Apparently he is also getting married. Good luck Jon – hope you pick better candidates to work with now that you will be on your own.

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