Rackauckas endorses a Democrat for the 69th Assembly District

I was so disappointed some years ago when ostensibly Republican O.C. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas hired Democrat attorney Claudia Alvarez during her first campaign for the Santa Ana City Council. She then proceeded to defeat the Republican candidate for her ward, Nancy Lutz, by advertising herself as an assistant D.A. Nice.

Now Rackauckas has done it again. Take a look at Alvarez’ website, at http://www.alvarez2006.com/endorse.htm, and sure enough there is Rackauckas’ endorsement.

It is very bad form for Rackauckas to endorse a Democrat in a contested primary where there is already a Republican candidate – Ryan Gene Williams. I doubt however that OC GOP Chair Scott Baugh will censure Rackauckas. Too bad – that is what he deserves.

Williams actually predicted that Rackauckas would do this – it is too bad he was right. This sort of thing should not happen in the supposedly overwhelmingly Republican O.C. – but lately the OC GOP machine has corroded almost completely, and this is but the latest mess that Baugh will ultimately ignore. What a shame.

Alvarez has some support in the business community, for God knows what reason. I know she has fans at the California Chamber of Commerce as well. However, she is unctious and mean-spirited (ask Tom Lutz if she is vindictive) and she is not even favored by her own Democrat base. O.C. Democrat activists have shown far more support for her opponent Armando De La Libertad. Even her fellow council member Jose Solorio is more popular with unions and the base. I would be shocked if she wins the primary.

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