New Majority registration efforts unravelling in the 34th State Senate District

My sources tell me that part of the reason that Republican State Senate Leader Dick Ackerman is so adamant about running liberal Repbulican Lynn Daucher for the 34th State Senate District is that the leaders of the Republicans for a New Majority spent a lot of money registering voters in that district.

We are now finding out however, as my co-blogger Claudio Gallegos has hinted in the past, that many of the registrations that the GOP paid $10 each for were fraudulent. If that is the case, then perhaps Ackerman should not feel so invested in the candidate preferred by the New Majority. However, he already pushed Van Tran out of the race, and now Lupe Moreno is starting to get a lot of media attention.

I think Ackerman might be asking for a mulligan if all this keeps up. You can read about the fraudulent registratons at,1,5131474.story?coll=la-editions-orange.

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