Del Junco and Morgan face off for CRP Committeeman position

Okay, most of us do not usually pay attention to California Republican Party elections, but former CRP Chairman Tirso Del Junco, a sanctimonious blowhard, is running against Tim Morgan, and this race actually matters. It turns out that Morgan is a backer of Gerald Parsky, the liberal lawyer who has pretty much ruined the CRP, and Morgan apparently did very little to help the Davis Recall effort. In fact I am told that Morgan opposed the recall!

So in this contest those of us who are CRP voting members have to pick the lesser of two evils. Del Junco is an arrogant clod, and he supported Prop. 187. Morgan is a squish and he fought us when we recalled Davis. What to do? I say vote for Del Junco and hope that he will serve only one term. We simply cannot afford sending a guy like Morgan to represent our party at national GOP events.

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