Correa touts Republican supporters

State Assemblyman Lou Correa (D-Anaheim) is running for an ostensibly non-partisan seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors – but make no mistake that the outcome of this election is very important to both Republicans and Democrats. Correa is running against fellow Democrat Bruce Broadwater, the despicable Mayor of Garden Grove, as well as two Republicans – Brett Franklin, the Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem, and Kermit Marsh, a Westminster City Councilman. With all that as a backdrop, I was sure suprised to see that Correa’s latest mailer has pictures of him with Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, and Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona. These guys are Republicans – what the heck are they doing on Correa’s mailer? Remember this my friends when Rackauckas and Carona ask for our support. I don’t think so guys.

Carona has a history of supporting Democrats. He endorsed both Nativo Lopez and John Palacio for the Santa Ana School Board, and he held a fundraiser for recalled Governor Gray Davis. Ironically Lopez was also recalled. Nice going Carona. What in the world is Jon Fleischman doing at Carona’s office? He was hired, supposedly, to bring Carona back from the dark side after the disastrous endorsements of Lopez and Palacio, but now Carona seems to be backing Correa. Hey Jon – wake up and do something about your guy Carona! He is not helping the GOP cause.

Rackauckas is no better than Carona. He hired Correa’s protege, Santa Ana City Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez, and eventually promoted her from family law to criminal law. It is criminal that he hired her in the first place! She is a whiny race-baiter and her campaign against fellow Democrat Tom Umberg, for the assembly seat being vacated by Correa, is turning real ugly, real fast. Take a look at Claudia’s endorsements, at and you will see a Who’s Who of former MECHA members, plus the usual union hacks. Yuck!

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