2020 OC Filings #10 (as of 8/6) for High School District Boards

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Brea-Olinda High School Library after Friday's quake

Brea-Olinda High School Library in between two 2014 earthquakes.

As noted in our introduction to this year’s general election coverage, the filing period for all races is underway; it ends this Friday, August 7 (or 8/6, for cities closed on 8/7, and with some extensions to 8/12) for all races that have made it this far.  This will be updated as need be and time allows.

Not every city (or group of cities) has a single “unified” school board for all grades from (pre-)K through 12.  Some will divide them up between an “elementary” school board and a “secondary” — or high school — school districts.  Those “Union” high school districts sometimes stretch across city (and in some cases, even county) lines.  That’s what we’ll address in this post.

Anaheim Union High School District

Area 3

Incumbent Katherine Smith from the Anaheim Island is back for another term; she’s qualified for the ballot and is running unopposed.

Area 4

Incumbent Brian O’Neal is likewise qualified and running unopposed.

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Area 2

Incumbent Joanne Fawley has qualified.  She’s currently unopposed.

Area 3

Andy Montoya is the incumbent, but he doesn’t seem to be running; presuming he’s eligible, this will go through Aug. 12.  Vicki Calhoun has qualified, and has no opposition on the horizon.

Huntington Beach Joint Union High School District

This district just elects the top two vote-getters, regardless of where they live.  Nine candidates have pulled papers; four have qualified.

  • Incumbent Susan Henry has qualified.
  • Incumbent Michael Simons has qualified — so no overtime.
  • Christine Hernandez has qualified.
  • Spencer Hagaman has qualified.
  • Claudia Ramos seems to have done everything necessary to qualify.
  • Clark Johnson has almost (perhaps entirely) done everything necessary to qualify.

Three others pinged, to no apparent effect.  So, 4-6 candidates here — most likely.

On to elementary schools!





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