Fullerton Council to Consider Replacing Library Board Members with Themselves – this Tuesday!

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Jennifer Fitzgerald’s war on Fullerton’s Public Library should be stopped now.

From the Fullerton Rag  (“The Voice of Some People”)…

Back in May the Rag reported that Fullerton City Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald, during the Council’s May 1 meeting, requested that the council agendize an item to consider replacing Fullerton’s Library Board of Trustees with the city council members themselves:

“I do want to bring the library board code sections up to date. I want to add to that we institute a new organizational structure for the library board that calls for the appointment of the city council members to serve as the trustees to the library board and to form a library advisory commission.”

At the time no other member of the City Council commented on her request, letting it pass like the ravings of a demented relative at the dinner table. When asked privately about it, another Council member responded that no one else supported the idea. But, five months later, the item has nonetheless made its way on to the Council’s September 18 meeting…

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