RV Parking Ban? A world turned upside down.

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Maybe our RV dwellers should do like in San Diego and sue.

The World is Upside Down in Orange County!

Anaheim City Council has voted to evict homeless people living in RVs.

Many homeless people are working in Orange County and many of those working homeless are living in cars or RV’s.  And Anaheim, in its twisted logic, will not seek to help the homeless people on the streets, but will simply make them move to some other city to die.

The new rule – you cannot park an RV on the streets of Anaheim or a truck or any vehicle over 22 feet long or 7’ high. Not only does this include RV’s, work trucks, the newest tall vans, but you can also narc out your neighbor with the jacked-up pickup truck! This, along with relaxed rules on permit parking, will allow anyone almost anywhere to get permit parking for their neighborhood.

An older woman that worked at Disneyland for poverty wages recently died in her car. A Family of 4 was refused housing by Garden Grove city council members, and died in their van recently.

In a Garden Grove Community meeting Supervisor Andrew Do notoriously warned that “If you give the homeless people housing they will turn it into a crack house or flop house.”  Better to let them die in their car with their children!

I stopped to talk to a few people in their RVs and met an elderly gentleman with no teeth and a leg in a cast from an infection and operation. He was lacking in some vocal skills and I can only guess that he was mentally handicapped. He’s living in a RV and will be targeted by the Anaheim city council for “removal.”  Removal from the earth, perhaps?

As you forcibly move the people including the unstable, the poor, and the needy around town this adds to the stress levels. Here is this mentally challenged elderly man with no teeth forced to move his last place on earth, his last bit of security to God knows where.

As this process goes the next city too will ignore the needs of the homeless and make him move again until he dies. With the end resulting in death, the cities and county win because that is one less homeless person they have to worry about.

Somehow, many city councils, sitting beneath their “In God We Trust” plaques, believe they will prevail in a debate with the Supreme Being on this matter. “Hey at least they didn’t die in OUR city!”  Yeah, that’s because you passed laws that made them move to another city to die!  You can just see the omnipotent being taking that in and saying “Hey, you fooled me so you get a pass… NOT.”  And then at His nod, St. Peter will pull the big heavenly flusher to the nether world.

I spoke with another couple that worked at Disneyland and lived in their RV. How sad it will be now that they cannot park on the streets in Anaheim where they work for poverty wages at the land of the Mouse!

Homeless people live in cars and RVs all around town as the system seems to have failed them.  I’m sure you’ve read, the county has hundreds of millions of dollars meant for helping the poor, but no politicians have the will or desire to even use that money.  Is this a problem elsewhere in the world?

Habitat For Humanity is building homes in South Africa. Projects Abroad is building houses in Ghana, Senegal, Philippines, Tanzania, Jamaica, Nepal and South Africa. I think it’s high time to build houses for the un-housed here in Orange County and around America.

This has always been good advice:  you first fix your OWN roof, THEN help your neighbor fix theirs. Not go fix your neighbors roof while your house is swamped. It serves no purpose unless you prefer sleeping on your neighbor’s couch! Put your oxygen mask on first then help others. Build houses here for the un-housed in America, THEN go build for poor and needy people in other countries.

What is the decision making process that says: look at that family right there that needs a house, or the person right in front of you, people you see every day living on the streets and then say, lets fly to the other side of the world and build some other people houses.

At this time, right here, that is the process, the politics of the homeless. Don’t build them a house, don’t give them fresh water, a toilet or shower; let’s do that on the other side of the world for the poor and needy. This is our world turned upside down.


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