Fixin’ the Broken Broom

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Maybe we can get a handle on it.

Is our society in shambles?  Have we all lost our way and our respect for the Social Contract that should rule our society.  Has the lack of civility transferred into a world of mean spirited detestable conduct?  Are there any excuses worthy or excusable for bad behavior, nasty remarks or evil intent?  Can we all finally agree that that evil that men do is interned in their bones?  Can we finally digest the fact that our country does need a new birth of freedom and that the government of the people, by the people and for the people must not perish from the earth?  Our great apologies to Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg words of wisdom.

Here a just a few ideas that might change the narrative in this country and bring it back to reality:

(1)  We must revoke every Executive Order that our New President has issued since November 8th, 2016.

(2) We should immediately grant Amnesty to all immigrants who have been gainfully employed in this country over the last five years ….to include any and all family members.  Also, Budgeting Federal Money to States based on need with Block Grants for Homeless Populations.

(3) We should immediately pass National Single Payer Health Insurance which includes Global Pricing for all Prescription Drugs.

(4) We should immediately launch a National Education “Moon Shot” to focus on the jobs of 2027 and beyond.  These educational jobs will include all phases of computer, technical/medical and those scientific jobs which will address Global Warming and the demise and use of Fossil Fuels for transportation and Electrical Energy production.  Production of the Tesla/Tata Solar Powered Self Recharging Driverless Turbine vehicles which include Buses, Trucks and privately owned vehicles by 2020 need the full approval of the Congress immediately.

(5)  We should shut down the Pashtoon border and all travel to and from Kandahar, retake Tora Bora and utilize Afghan and Special Forces US Advisors.  Additionally, we should burn all the Opium crops until further notice.  If there are Regional uprisings because of this…..those should be thwarted with as many troops as required.

(6)  A New Kurdistan should be established along the borders and areas of Turkey, Syria and Iraq.  The United States should create a Mutual Defensive Pack with this new country and guarantee its safety.

(7)  We immediately create a Mandatory Drug Testing Program for all New Firearm Purchases and or Transfers.  All Firearm purchases and transfers should be required through a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer.

(8) A new improved US National voting system should be created and established which is impervious to computer National hacking and/or regional manipulation.  All Gerrymandered Districts should be reviewed by a National Election Board comprised of two members from every state.

There are obviously so many more things which need to be done to fix our broken broom……but we must start with the basics.

Avoiding clarification and action on these issues will be counter productive.  Let the debates begin…..

Fixing the Broken Broom….it is time!

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