Los Al’s incorrigible Dean “Watermelon” Grose does it again!

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grose watermelon

Remember the aptly-named Dean Grose?  Los Alamitos Mayor in early 2009, when many if not most Republicans were going through severe cognitive crises dealing with the fact that a black man with a Muslim-sounding name had been soundly elected President of the USA, Dean was one who dealt with the angst “humorously,” by forwarding the above image of a watermelon patch in front of the White House, with the caption “No Easter Egg hunt this year!”

Cuz, get it, everyone knows black people love watermelon so much, and they’re not like us, so they wouldn’t know what an Easter Egg hunt was, and… come on, it’s just a joke, it’s funny!

Well, not everyone thought it was funny.  The story made national news and poor Dean was forced to resign as Los Alamitos Mayor.  He had to apologize profusely:  “The attention brought to this matter has sadly created an image of me which is most unfortunate.  I recognize that I’ve made a mistake and have taken steps to make sure this is never repeated.”  For a few years he disappeared off the Los Al electoral office scene, although he kept active in the bowels of the OC GOP, a place with many like-minded folks to Mr. Grose.

But after a decent interval the folks of Los Alamitos forgave him and he won re-election onto council.  It was only the pleadings of Los Al blogger (and occasional OJ blog contributor) J. M. Ivler, who didn’t want his town embarrassed, that prevented me from presenting him with a ceremonial watermelon at his first meeting back.

Well, here he is again, on his lively Twitter account, tweeting gleefully, “Latino activists will pay audience members $5000 for calling Donald Trump a racist on SNL.  That’s hilarous … like Latino Activists have 5K!”

grose twitter screenshotCuz, you know, who ever heard of a Latin-American having anything close to $5,000!  They’re all poor, you know!  Come on, it’s funny.  And Dean Grose likes jokes.

Oh, that reminds me – have I pointed out yet that Dean Grose looks like a televangelist had his way with a drugged ferret?

dean grose

Poor, poor GOP, still stuck with these sorts of folks in their system, and now watching a full quarter of their voting base in permanent love with Trump.  How many years must elapse before they’re no longer fairly tarred as The Party For Racists?

J. M. decided not to write about this himself, because for one thing he says his town is being run pretty well these last few years, now that Troy Edgar has (apparently) given up on his larger political ambitions, and most reasonable decisions are reached by a bipartisan 4-1 vote.  There’s only one loose cannon on the council now, whose thinking makes no sense, who strikes out on his own, but he can’t do much damage and he’s mainly a figure of fun. 

That would be racist joker Dean Grose.

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