JORGE LOPEZ Complaint on Guillory Sigs: the Final Pre-Election Word from the DA is … Silence!

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Election day is here — and there’s still no word of the results of any investigation into Jorge Lopez’s complaint that incumbent Assessor Webster Guillory gathered his signatures inside of the Assessor’s office — from his direct employees — while many of them were at work.

In last week’s article, I predicted that the DA’s office would not expedite any report, given that an early finding of wrongdoing might lead a runoff between GOP-endorsed candidate Claude Parrish and Lopez, while a late finding would improve the odds of a runoff between Parrish and Guillory — with Guillory then perhaps being forced to end his campaign prematurely.

Lopez has learned that more people are coming forward in response to inquiries to respond to the story — including inquiries from the DA’s office — and that they have corroborated key points of the account.

It’s a shame that voters won’t have known that before going to the polls today.

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