And Speaking of Anaheim Council Fundraising Typos — ‘Send Your Murray Money to City Hall’?

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Just another teeny tiny mistake….

Our friend Greg Diamond has already shared his views on this minor gaffe becoming a bigger deal than it should have been, primarily Greg wishes that the typo were reality. Living in Anaheim, I have to selfishly tell Diamond to butt out — we NEED Mayor Tait to be Mayor for another term and sweep the crony capitalists clean, thank you very much. Before we go much further, let me use the traffic this is creating to brazenly pimp for the event, and for those who wish to attend, it is:

Monday December 16, from 5:30 to 7:30

Anaheim White House Restaurant

The cost is $1,900 to serve as a Campaign Host, $1,000 to support Tait as a Reception Host or $500 per person to attend.

Should you wish to support this very, very worthy cause, guests are invited to bring an unwrapped toy for children in need (that whole kindness thing at work again) and you may RSVP to Phyllis Schneider at 714-368-0260 or

Never let a good crisis go unused. But I would like to replay the issue just to highlight the flip side of the argument being made by those who oppose Tait.

We know that earlier this week, an invitation went out for a fundraiser for Mayor Tom Tait’s re-election campaign. We also know that a very human error crossed some text between two campaigns, and thus the invitation promotes Tait as a candidate for an office for which he has no intention of running.  The mistake is understandable; it is not the end of the world — and indeed as Matt Cunningham opines on it he admits to knowing how it happened. And yet, it didn’t stop Mr. Snark from posting an article pointing out the mistake.

Now it is possible that Cunningham truly considered the need to highlight the very understandable (if unfortunate) mistake, perhaps in an effort to show that his own typo-packed career is somehow excusable in light of one oversight from an otherwise diligent professional. But I suspect the post simply offered an excuse for his pool of incestuous commenters the opportunity to run down the Mayor of Anaheim — as though they need an excuse beyond “the sun rose this morning.” And that, in essence, is the entire purpose for the Chamber of Commerce’s funding of the AnaheimBlog, is it not?

As Cunningham says,

“Since the invite says to make checks payable to “Tom Tait for Mayor 2014,” I suspect this is a whopper of a typo. His fundraiser, Phyllis Schneider (whom I have known for many years and does very good work) is also doing the fundraising for Sup. John Moorlach’s campaign for the 45th Congressional District (the seat from which Rep. John Campbell is retiring), so I suspect that is the source of the “Tait for Congress” headline.”

So can someone please explain to me: where is the story?  Is Cunningham’s intent to highlight the very human and understandable error of the fundraising professional he claims he has “known for many years and does very good work?” That doesn’t seem to fit the profile of kindness he demands the rest of us follow — his definition of kindness of course being that we all kindly look the other way while his friends steal us blind via the city coffers.

If we want to make a big deal of typos, Matt’s work is certainly ripe for the picking, although writing about his typos would be a full-time job that none of us could bear.

Instead, I offer the ultimate in fundraising “typos” for our enjoyment, and yes, this is a true screen grab from the campaign website of Council member Kris Murray.

Send Murray Contribs to City Hall, screen capture

(Note from Greg: until I recognized the address, which you’ll find featured prominently at, I had thought that Cynthia was making fun of referring to “employeer,” which I imagined was just a Disneyfied term combining “employer” and “Mouseketeer.”)

Perhaps Cunningham would like to opine on this … and you may discuss among yourselves on this glorious Southern California Friday. (Props to blogger Jason Young for spotting this page.)

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