SOAR ‘DISNEYPAC’ Fundraiser Attendees Greeted by Protesters

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S.O.A.R. Members and supporters were greeted today by protesters, just down the street from The Anaheim Police Station. I was there, told the protesters that they should be proud of themselves for giving their time, spoke with Councilmember Brandman (D) as he arrived to attend the event, and even got to welcome my dear friend, Sandra Day with some light-hearted political jeers.

At one point I’m afraid I might have disturbed the government coffer pirates inside, I got too noisy (someone handed me a megaphone) and they shut all the doors and windows into the place.

Bring up an important Anaheim issue in conversation, and more likely than not, S.O.A.R. is on the wrong side of it. Can we stop pretending it’s anything but Disney’s own local PAC already?

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