Hear Curt “Poll-Guard” Pringle’s Robo-call attacking Mayor Tait for his Police Oversight Committee.

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Hear the Robo-Call

(the original, complete with a couple false starts!)

The Anaheim Police association, currently under the ‘leadership’ (if you can call it that) of Kerry Condom, recruited Curt ‘Poll-Guard’ Pringle for a damning robo-call against the besieged Mayor Tom Tait. Tait might or might not be, depending on who you ask, the only real supporter of a proposed Police Oversight Committee, the idea of which came about after Anaheim Police drew wide-spread criticism for tactics used after a string of fatal shootings. The D.A. recently announced that charges will not be filed in the high-profile Manuel Diaz case that ignited protests last year.

Gotta hand it to Pringle, claiming that the City Council is already an oversight board of sorts is nothing short of genius, as the other 4 layers of oversight are all also in government, and in no way share information with the public. However the notion that the City Council undertakes that responsibility now or ever, is complete and utter bullshit.

Many are asking where Pringle’s student, Councilmember Jordan Brandman  who is a Democrat (and therefore should naturally support this sort of commission)  falls on this issue… well… inquiries into his position on the matter return with ambiguous results.


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