The COPS Voter Guide Has Arrived! And it says, um … huh?

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Bad boys! Bad boys! (Whatcha gonna do?)


Oh, boy!  It’s here!  It’s here!

The COPS Voter Guide has arrived!

I was so excited  about this that I did a little online research on it.

Here’s what I found!

Dear Voter,

Welcome to the COPS VOTER GUIDE website. WIth over 20 years of experience working with public safety, I understand the importance of keeping our neighborhoods, homes and families safe from crime.

The COPS VOTER GUIDE is a non-partisan, public advocacy organization. Each election year, millions of voters receive our voter guides in the mail and online.

The candidates we support have pledged to make public safety a top priority and work with law enforcement to protect our safety. Thank you for your support!


Kelley Moran

Wait, wait — these guys wrote me, didn’t they?

Let me see if I can find the message.

Yes, here it is, on March 22:

Dear Jim,

The deadline for inclusion on the June 5th Primary Election COPS VOTER GUIDE is rapidly approaching. In less than 50 days our COPS VOTER GUIDES will begin reaching thousands of voters in your district.

COPS VOTER GUIDE is targeting high-propensity independent households to maximize the effectiveness of our endorsements. We are recognized as a leader in helping to win candidate and ballot measure campaigns.

Complete the online Candidate Form or give us a call at (916) 485-5888 and we will provide you with all of the information you need to be featured on the COPS VOTER GUIDE and COPS California Vote by Mail Voter Guide.

The COPS VOTER GUIDE and COPS California Vote by Mail Voter Guide features:

  • Two-for-One: Voters can read more about our endorsed candidates and link their websites at our Pollie Award winning website:
  • Targeting to frequent voters in all categories including Vote by Mail voters
  • Cost-efficient, candidate specific text
  • Award winning full-color design and production
  • Payment by check or credit card

We look forward to working with you toward a successful election.


Kelley M. Moran

Why, this is one of those pay-to-play endorsements that I have been complaining about here, isn’t it? “Cost-efficient,” “check or credit card” — why, they’re not actually endorsed by cops here, they just bought it!

They took a pledge?  What was the pledge: “don’t worry, the check will clear”?  ”Jail every cop in the area”?

Anyway, since Fullerton has the most controversial election coming up, I just looked at Fullerton.

Ed Royce, Congressional District #39

Wrote Nation’s first anti-stalking law and tough pro-victim laws.

Well, actually, Judge John M. Watson claimed that he wrote it and gave it to Royce, but whatever.  If only the mandatory vaginal ultrasounds that Royce supported could be classified as stalking, maybe he’d oppose them!

Deborah Chuang, Superior Court Judge #1

Travis Kiger, Orange City Council  – [oops!  no refunds, sir!]

Support our police with balanced budgets and pension reforms that do not burden future generations. Endorsed by Fullerton’s top reformers.

Uh, what? “Support our Police”?  By slashing pensions and breaking unions?  Do the police know about this?

Barry Levinson, Fullerton City Council, At Large Member

My dad and uncle were N.Y.C. Police Lieutenants. I know the sacrifices that police officers and their families make daily. The FPD is a top priority.

I am having difficulty squaring this with FFFF views, unless the final word was omitted, and that word is “target”.

Vote Yes on Recall

Support Fullerton Police

Stop the failures for our community and our cops. Fullerton’s citizens and our police deserve strong leaders. Yes on Recall!

Waaaaaiiiiiit a minute here — the push for the recall is: “Support Fullerton Police”?  Like, “support them in jail”?  And it’s not failures “of” our cops, but “for” our cops? Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Sounds like … a cop-out!

YES on Measure G

Yes on Measure G, Fix Old Schools

Repair & upgrade local elementary schools to meet today’s standards in reading, math, science & writing. Vote YES on G!

Yes on Proposition 29

Yes on Proposition 29, Stop Big Tobacco

Save Lives. Keep Kids from Smoking. Fund Cancer Research. Join the American Cancer Society, American Lung Assoc., American Heart Assoc. and say Yes on 29.

(They really paid for these?)

I’m just, let’s say, quite struck by the statements here by Kiger, Levinson, and the pro-recall forces.  I tend to distrust candidates whose election strategy depends on voters being lazy and ill-informed.  Well, maybe they’ll be lucky and nobody will write an article on it that Fullerton voters might see.

Meanwhile, check out your own city’s candidates — you can search by zip code — and let us know anything interesting you see in a comment!

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